Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Cover Band

The Garcia Project – Creating The Jerry Garcia Band Experience
A Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band
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The Garcia Project’s performances are recreations of full, classic Jerry Garcia Band set lists from 1976-1995. More than just a Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Cover Band, using thoughtful arrangements and the proper instrumentation and feel, The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and their fans through the years.

For anyone that never had a chance to experience the Jerry Garcia Band or for fans that want to relive a classic show, The Garcia Project delivers.

The Garcia Project has received rave reviews from the press and from fans. Touring across the country, The Garcia Project has made many fans extremely happy.

The Garcia Project is THE Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band – and it’s about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another.

“The Garcia Project was on point with the whole experience and it didn’t seem like a cover band more like a mirrored band…they are just as real as the Jerry Garcia Band. “ – Buffalo FM Review

“The Garcia Project’s attention to detail on intonation and performance structure does set them apart as an authority on Jerry Garcia.” – NYSMUSIC

“If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you are at a Jerry Garcia Band show.” – ecoLocal Magazine

“The Garcia Project’s attention to detail on intonation and performance structure does set them apart as an authority on Jerry Garcia.” – NYSMUSIC

“it was hard to tell that it wasn’t Jerry signing on “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.”” – NYSMUSIC

“In order for a tribute band to be successful, fans need to look at them as the authority on the artist they are emulating. The Garcia Project pulls it off effortlessly. Go see them live …The Garcia Project is the whole package.” – Upstate Live

Mik Bondy of The Garcia Project, A Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band

Mik Bondy of The Garcia Project with the Cripe Tribute, built for Jerry Garcia ©2016 Jay Blakesberg

Mik Bondy – Guitar & Vocals
Mik Bondy fills the “Jerry” role with modesty and an understanding that no one can replace Jerry – but that we all together can rejoice in his music. Mik has constructed two tribute guitars and a recreation of Jerry’s actual guitar amps, effects and speakers. Mik loves to jam. He led and played with his band “Tapestry” for over twenty years. A long time Jerry-head, Mik enjoyed the last few years of Jerry’s life following the Jerry Garcia Band around whenever he could. Mik has guested on guitar and vocals with Melvin Seals and JGB.

Kat Walkerson – Vocals
Kat Walkerson adds heartfelt and soulful female vocals to the mix. She brings an awesome energy to the project and you can feel her love for this music though her singing. She exudes positive vibes and her smiles are a testament to her appreciation of the music. Kat has performed as vocalist for Melvin Seals and JGB and has been a guest vocalist with Dark Star Orchestra.

Dan F Crea – Bass
Dan brings a background in academic music theory, jazz, rock, and playing old and new country in smokey road houses across the upper Midwest as well as a thorough study of both John Kahn and Phil Lesh.  He uses two customized Fender Precisions like Kahn used from ’74 to ’81, with Fender necks, Warmoth bodies, LaBella flatwound strings, and EMG electronics with a modified Steinberger Sprit with full EMG system and Steinberger flatwounds for the late 80’s early 90’s shows.  With the Acoustically Speaking Trio he uses a Palatino electric upright bass.

Freeman White – Keys
Freeman came from a musical family, and began his musical journeys at the age of 4, with private instruction that lasted well into aduldthood. He started playing professionally at the age of 15. His years of playing have taken him around the world, and have given him the opportunity to share the stage with some of his musical idols. His love of vintage equipment makes for an authentic, warm addition to the band’s sound. Vocally, he adds the “top” end to any arranagement, or “drives the bus” with powerful, heartfelt leads.

Bobby Belanger – Drums
Bobby is a solid and tight drummer that can bring the music down to whisper and back up with a roar. Bobby excels in the 70’s era JGB stylings as well as the later eras.

Guests of The Garcia Project have included:

Lisa Mackey, Dark Star Orchestra
Tom Circosta, The Zen Tricksters
Klyph Black, The Zen Tricksters
Melvin Seals, The Jerry Garcia Band
Tom Constanten, The Grateful Dead
Dave Herbert, JGB Band