Mik Bondy’s Scarlet Fire Tiger 007 – First Look

Leo Elliot of Scarlet Fire Guitars in Dallas Texas was hired in 2016 to build the closest replica of Jerry Garcia’s iconic Doug Irwin guitar, called Tiger for me (Mik Bondy, guitarist of The Garcia Project) as a gift from a loyal fan. Kat and I drove to Dallas in 2016 to get measurements of my hands, and to choose a neck and talk about electronics and frets and tone with Leo.

The tiger was delivered to me on 7-22-17, at a friend’s house in MA. You can hear him commenting on the beauty of this guitar in the video as well. Here is the “unboxing” video:


The Tiger needed a battery, so I put one in and tuned it up. I had a small fender travel amp to try it with. Take a listen to the first song played on Tiger here:

I am looking forward to plugging Tiger into my rig. My current rig is a modded 1967 Fender blackface twin for my pre-amp, a modded 2100 Mcintosh solid state amplifier for my power, two well used JBL e-120 speakers in a handmade Hard Trucker style cabinet, and effects rack with a MuTron, Boss Octive, Boss Delay with tap tempo, MXR Phaser with rate foot pedal mod, Boss Turbo Overdrive, Tubscreamer, Boss OD-1, rack tuner and ground control loop and pedal board. The rig was built and designed by myself over the course of three years.

Here are some photos of Tiger. If you want to hear Tiger through my rig, come on out to a show! The first public show that I will be playing Tiger at is the Jerry Garcia Family official 75th Birthday Celebration on August 1, 2017 at The Brooklyn Bowl. [GET TICKETS HERE]  The Garcia Project will perform a full Jerry Garcia Band show and Andy Falco and friends will perform selections from The Pizza Tapes and more!

Here are the photos of the build of the guitar:

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  1. Wow!!! The Tiger is truly a work of art!!! Sounds great on your little travel amp, cant wait to hear it live!!


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