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March 15, 2020


Spirit: A loving tribute to Jerry Garcia and the spiritual songs he performed.

  • Mighty High
  • Cold Jordan
  • Gomorrah
  • Who Was John
  • I'll Be With Thee
  • Drifting To Far From The Shore
  • Strange Man
  • The Magnificent Sanctuary Band
  • Throw Out The Lifeline
  • Sisters And Brothers
  • I Hope It Wont Be This Way, Always
  • Palm Sunday

Jerry Garcia performed many inspirational, spiritual and gospel songs over the course of his life. This album is a loving tribute to those songs and to Jerry Garcia’s beautiful spirit. The album will feature The Garcia Project’s (nationally touring tribute to classic Jerry Garcia Band) Mik Bondy and Kat Walkerson along with Maria Muldaur, The Garcia Project and other very special guests! Maria Muldaur will produce and direct the album. “Hearing Jerry Garcia play and sing live for the first time, was an experience that I will never forget.” – Mik Bondy I know that many others have enjoyed the passion and musical magic that Jerry Garcia brought to everything he did in his life. When I discovered the Jerry Garcia Band, in 1987, I was amazed and instantly hooked on the songs that he performed with his band, and the way he performed them. We used to call going to Jerry Garcia Band shows “Jerrys Church” and it really was a church-like experience for many of us. We would get our spiritual fill and guidance from the songs and messages that Jerry brought to us. Back then, we were treated with songs like Sisters and Brothers, The Maker, Throw out the Lifeline and Lucky Old Sun. These songs helped bring a positive, reflective and bonding experience to us all.

A new album produced by Maria Muldaur and The Garcia Project — a collection of spiritual songs that Jerry Garcia had performed throughout his life. Order the physical CD for $25 and the INSTANT Digital Download for $20. AVAILABLE NOW! The artists on the SPIRIT album include: • Mik Bondy (The Garcia Project, Acoustically Speaking) • Buzz Buchanan (Jerry Garcia Band, Juice Newton) • Dan Crea (The Garcia Project) • Jason Crosby (Phil & Friends, Moonalice, Doobie Decibel System) • Jacob Jolliff (Yonder Mountain String Band) • Gary Kaye (Mill Valley Musician) • Jacklyn LaBranch (Jerry Garcia Band) • Maria Muldaur (Jerry Garcia Band) • Tommy Nagy (The Garcia Project) • Peter Rowan (Old and In The Way) • Rick Turner (Co-Founder of Alembic, Wall of Sound, Model 1 guitar) • Kat Walkerson (The Garcia Project, Acoustically Speaking)

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