The Jerry Garcia Foundation in conjunction with The Garcia Project are raising money for The Center for Arts in Natick, MA.



The Jerry Garcia Foundation in conjunction with The Garcia Project are raising money for The Center for Arts in Natick, MA.

Natick, MA – The Jerry Garcia Foundation is donating THREE limited-edition prints of Jerry Garcia’s artwork to the Center For Arts, Natick, MA. The Center will be auctioning off these limited-edition prints on October 16, 2015 at The Center For The Arts. The full proceeds from the auction will go towards arts and music education and continuing of the programming available at the Center For Arts. The Jerry Garcia Foundation will also be sending a never before published photo of Jerry Garcia with his wife Manasha and Daughter Keelin, on exhibit.

The bidding for the auction for the three limited-edition prints will start online on 10/08/2015 until 10/19/2015.

The bidding for the auction for the three limited-edition prints will start online on 10/08/2015 until 10/19/2015. The artwork can be seen at:

and at and in the lobby of TCAN during normal business hours (Tuesday through Friday, 12 PM – 6 PM and Saturday, 11 AM – 2 PM). Please call 508.647.0097 x205 for more information.

(ANNOUNCEMENT: SHOW IS SOLD OUT! Spread the word! We are providing a FREE audio/video LIVE STREAM of the sold out show on October 16th featuring The Garcia Project with Melvin Seals and Shirley Starks! Here is the link: )

On October 16, 2015, The Garcia Project, a regional Jerry Garcia Band tribute, will perform with Mevlin Seals and Shirley Starks of JGB. The Garcia Project will be performing two, full, classic Jerry Garcia Band set lists from the 70’s and 90’s eras this night. Melvin Seals is slated to perform the first set on a baby grand piano and the second set on a Hammond B3 with Leslie.

Tickets for The Garcia Project with Melvin Seals Performance for October 16 are selling quickly and will be available until sold out here: (ANNOUNCEMENT: SHOW IS SOLD OUT! )

About The Jerry Garcia Foundation
The Jerry Garcia Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, serves to support meaningful causes through the beauty of art and music.The Foundation was established in 2015 as an expression of gratitude, by family members, Manasha and Keelin Garcia, in honor of musician, artist, and visionary,  Jerry Garcia.

“Staying true to Jerry’s values, we embrace the idea that music and art bring great healing to the world.”

The Mission: The Jerry Garcia Foundation supports artistic, environmental  and humanitarian causes. To realize the mission, grants are provided to vetted 501c3 nonprofits in good standing with the IRS. The Foundation engages artists and musicians who wish to share their gifts for the benefit of the greater good.

All board members donate their services as volunteers. Net proceeds benefit the causes supported by the Foundation.

About TCAN
The Center for Arts in Natick was founded in 1997 with a mission to bring people together through a common interest in the arts. Its initial success in a rented storefront became the foundation for a multi-year $2M capital campaign to purchase and restore Natick’s historic Central Firehouse building, originally constructed in 1875, as a dedicated performance space and gallery. The firehouse provides a home for over 200 concert events annually, year-round children’s theater and dance education programs, visual arts exhibits and receptions, and a thriving community theater organization. TCAN has since grown to become the MetroWest region’s premiere nonprofit arts organization, with strong patron support from every town in the region.

TCAN is an authorized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

About The Garcia Project
“The Garcia Project was on point with the whole experience and it didn’t seem like a cover band more like a mirrored band…they are just as real as the Jerry Garcia Band.” – Buffalo FM Review

The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and the fans through many years of musical bliss. It’s about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another. It’s The Garcia Project.

The Garcia Project performs full, classic Jerry Garcia Band shows from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – creating the Jerry Garcia Band experience for old fans to relive or new fans to enjoy for the first time.

(518) 744-2066
Web Site:

Melvin Seals – Piano and Hammond Keyboard
Melvin is best known for his long friendship and musical partnership with cultural icon and guitarist Jerry Garcia and the smile of his that lights up the room. Melvin spun his B-3 magic with the Jerry Garcia Band for 18 years and in doing so helped pioneer and define what has now become “Jam Band Music”. From blues to funk to rock to jazz, Melvin Seals serves up a tasty mix with a little R&B and gospel thrown in to spice things up.

Shirley Starks – Vocals
Shirley has a love of singing.  Shirley returned from a stay in New York of six years and was introduced to the Jerry Garcia Band by her best friend Gloria Jones, who Shirley grew up with in church, and was a background singer for the Jerry Garcia Band at the time.  Because of Gloria Shirley attended many concerts started the love of the Jerry Music.  Shirley met Cheryl through Gloria and they had an a cappella gospel group we’ve been friends and singing together since they met.  Shirley started touring with Melvin Seals and JGB in 1998 part-time and is now touring full-time and loving it. “I love the music and touching people to their souls makes me feel good and warm inside.”

Mik Bondy – Guitar & Vocals
Mik Bondy fills the “Jerry” role with modesty and an understanding that no one can replace Jerry – but that we all together can rejoice in his music. Mik has constructed two tribute guitars and a recreation of Jerry’s actual guitar amps, effects and speakers. Mik loves to jam. He led and played with his band “Tapestry” for over twenty years. A long time Jerry-head, Mik enjoyed the last few years of Jerry’s life following the JGB around whenever he could.

Kat Walkerson – Vocals
Kat Walkerson adds heartfelt and soulful female vocals to the mix. She brings an awesome energy to the project and you can feel her love for this music though her singing. She exudes positive vibes and her smiles are a testament to her appreciation of the music.

Dan Crea – Bass
Dan uses two Fender Precisions like Kahn used from ’74 to ’81, with American Special necks, EMG pickups with Alnico magnets and high mass bridges for clarity, and Warmoth bodies with custom bridge pickups and electronics (Mike Pope Flexcore in one and ACG in the other) to approximate the Steinberger tone when needed.

Greg Marshall – Keys
Greg plays the piano part form the early Jerry Garcia Band styles and he excels at the Hammond Organ parts for 80’s and 90’s JGB stylings. He is an amazing keyboardist that loves the music of the Jerry Garcia Band.

Bobby Belanger – Drums
Bobby is a solid and tight drummer that can bring the music down to whisper and back up with a roar. Bobby excels in the 70’s era JGB stylings as well as the later eras.

Jordan Giangreco – Keys
Jordan is a keyboard player from CT and plays with many different bands and musicians from around the region.


Contact: Mik Bondy
Tel: (518) 744-2066
Web Site:

Melvin Seals and Shirley Starks to join The Garcia Project for a special night!

Starting in September, 2015, The Garcia Project start their fall tour and start the celebration of their 5 year anniversary! On the opening night of fall tour on Sept. 11, The Garcia Project will perform at Trinity On Main in New Britain, CT (with The Remnants opening up) and then they will perform a full, classic Jerry Garcia Band show set list on Sept. 12 at Historic Memorial Hall in Wilmington, VT!

[ full tour schedule here ]

Every show on fall tour with The Garcia Project is going to be a different Jerry Garcia Band show set list from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s in its entirety. You do not want to miss a show!

On October 16, 2015 at The Center for Arts in Natick, MA, Melvin Seals (of the Jerry Garcia Band) will join The Garcia Project for the whole show and Shirley Starks (JGB) will perform on the second set! The Garcia Project will perform two complete sets from two different eras on this special night! This show will sell out, so get your tickets now: [ BUY TICKETS FOR OCT 16 SHOW ]


The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and the fans through many years of musical bliss. It’s about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another. It’s The Garcia Project.

The Garcia Project performs full, classic Jerry Garcia Band shows from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – creating the Jerry Garcia Band experience for old fans to relive or new fans to enjoy for the first time.

“The Garcia Project was on point with the whole experience and it didn’t seem like a cover band more like a mirrored band…they are just as real as the Jerry Garcia Band. ”
– Buffalo FM Review

“If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you are at a Jerry Garcia Band show.”
– ecoLocal Magazine

“In order for a tribute band to be successful, fans need to look at them as the authority on the artist they are emulating. The Garcia Project pulls it off effortlessly. Go see them live …The Garcia Project is the whole package.”
– Jim Gilbert, Upstate Live

“”Deadicated“ to carrying on the music and vibe of Jerry that so many still carry in their hearts.”
– Albany Times Union

Melvin Seals to join The Garcia Project on July 24

Melvin Seals, keyboardist for Jerry Garcia and his band for 15 years, joins The Garcia Project for a JAM PACKED TWO HOUR set Friday Night at the 2015 Jerry Jam Music Festival.
Melvin has performed with The Garcia Project a number of times and the chemistry on stage is incredible! Recently, The Garcia Project’s guitarist, Mik Bondy, joined Melvin Seals and JGB Band on stage for two songs at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

Do not miss FRIDAY NIGHT at Jerry Jam for this special TWO HOUR SET!




Garcia Project guitarist, Mik Bondy, sits in with Melvin Seals and JGB in Florida

Mik Bondy got to fire up his rig and Tiger guitar and perform the first two songs of the night with Jerry Garcia Band keyboardist, Melvin Seals and his JGB band. The show was ta Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “I Second That Emotion” was the first song in this recreation set (from Hartford, CT 1991). “Struggling Man” was the second song they played together.

“Its always a blessing to hear Melvin Seals on the keyboards…but to perform with him, it’s like Christmas morning when you were a kid! I always learn something new when I play with Melvin and JGB band is so tight and fun to play with.”, says Mik.

And a review from Robbie Jam:

“Trip from Key West was cool with a stop in Fort Lauderdale to see Melvin Seals &JGB ..and Mik Bondy and Kat Walkerson . An extra special “gift” was Mik being asked to sit in! Luckily, Mik had all his Garcia Project gear in his RV. The excitement factor was building in the 30 minutes before showtime. Finally, Mik walked out with the band! They played Second that Emotion and Struggling Man before Dave finally arrived and took over. However, major KUDOS to Mik for being spot on with all the nuances of transitions and lead exchanges between him and Melvin. Miks vocals were also great. Mik could have stayed up there easily and the show would have still been greatly satisfying…. actually, when Dave started up singing the next song after Mik exited the stage, it was a bit awkward until we settled into Daves style and approach.

This was a special moment and I was glad to be there sharing it. It’s awesome to get the call up to varsity or the big leagues so to speak in our world of translating Jerry and GD. Mik got the call and he was totally prepared to make the most out of it…and he DID. I think Melvin knows he has another guitarist he can call and the spirit of JGB will be greatly served. Congratulations Mik, you killed it! Home run! We also have some good video thanks to the awesome Cheryl…this music thing keeps spinning it’s magic of community and support. miles of smiles… Congratulations Mik! It’s always good to have friends to root for in search of dreams!”

Catch The Garcia Project this spring for their tour in the northeast and again this summer when they will perform a full two hour set with Melvin Seals at the Jerry Jam music festival on July 24.


Take a listen to Mik with Melvin and JGB on the first 2 tracks!

MikwithJGB MelvinSetList

Review: Phred Instruments Bolt

Check out my review, unboxing and demos of my new SCARLET FIRE GUITAR HERE.


Here is a quick demo of the new Phred Instruments Bolt:

First Impressions:

A nicely built guitar with that great bolt body and neck shape that plays nice and easy. Although Phred’s guitars seems a bit on the small side (I’m a big guy), the sound of the guitar with the stock pickups sound pleasing. When comparing to my other Tiger guitars (Phred and Warmouth) outfitted with Dimarzio Super II pickups, I do like the sound of the super II pickups better. The Neck feels a bit like a strat and plays very smooth and fast. The action is a bit too low (nut and saddle) for my tastes, but some may like it. The Phred comes with a buffer and 9volt that seems to be matched well with the stock pickups. I would switch it out to a Waldo buffer (my preference) but it may be fine for most folks. I think this guitar shipped with 10s, but I have a custom set that I use that Id probably be happier playing with.

All in all, its a decent guitar for the $600 price. If you are looking for the shape, i don’t think you could loose. To me, the build quality does not compare with a Lieber, Phiga, Mororiarity or other custom $5k – $20k guitars, but it does the trick and makes the sounds – and for the price, it works. Ill be keeping a Phred in my arsenal for something different to play now and then and as a backup. I am interested in seeing and trying the Phusion guitar at some point as well.

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade: Warmoth Tiger, Phred Bolt, Phred Liger

Check out my review, unboxing and demos of my new SCARLET FIRE GUITAR HERE.


PHASE ONE of 2015 Spring Tour Announcement

TGP-FacebookTimeline-1-15Spring1We are pleased to announce the first phase of shows for The Garcia Project’s SPRING TOUR 2015:

April 3 Buffalo, NY – Tralf Music Hall with Workingman’s Dead [TICKETS]

April 4 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall with John Bloom and Casey Bloom [TICKETS]

April 10 – TBD

April 11 – TBD

April 17 Oneonta, NY – Oneonta Theater with Acoustically Speaking Quartet [TICKETS]

April 18 Stafford Springs, CT – Stafford Palace Theater with Acoustically Speaking Quartet [TICKETS]

April 24 – TBD

April 25 – TBD

April 8 – TBD

April 9 – TBD

April 15 – TBD

April 16 – TBD

April 22 – TBD

April 23 – TBD

April 29 -TBD

April 30 TBD

May 1 Worcester, MA – Electric Haze with Acoustically Speaking Quartet & Mike Young [TICKETS]

May 2 Sommerville, MA – Davis Square Theater with Acoustically Speaking Quartet [TICKETS]

Many more dates will be announced soon. See you in the Spring!


We added a new date to the “Tiger Tales” 2014 tour! We will be performing a very special show at the Historic Memorial Hall in Wilmington, VT on November 7. Check out the facebook RSVP event here:


Mik Bondy’s review of Tom Lieber’s 50th Anniversary “Tiger” guitar.

The 50th anniversary of The Grateful Dead is in 2015 and Tom Lieber has constructed a very fine musical instrument as a tribute. His new guitar is based on the ‘Tiger” and “Rosebud” guitars that Doug Irwin and Tom Leiber built for Jerry Garcia. When Jerry Garcia asked Irwin to build a guitar with no limits, Irwin wanted to build one that could not be easily reproduced. He selected unique, hard to work with woods and Irwin and Lieber came up with a unique shape for the guitar as well.

The new, 50th anniversary guitar is based on the iconic shape and the same build quality as the “Tiger” but is made with more standard maple wood and reproducible consistency. He is offering the guitars at $6,400 each and has sold almost all of them. I recommend that you get in touch with Tom right away if you want one of these for yourself.

Tom stopped by The Oneonta Theater (one of our most favorite places to perform our show) on October 11 to let me try out his new masterpiece. Upon first look, I was stunned by the simple elegance and beauty of the guitar. The fit and finish was top notch and the guitar just seemed to glow! The real test though would be how it played.

After finding an extra guitar strap, I picked up the guitar and started with “Sugaree” The low ends were nice and spanky and gurgely – just like they should be. Then I went into “Deal” and my bass player, Dan Crea and drummer Bob Mckeon joined in. Again the lows were nice and defined and I could start to feel how it was going to play. I went into the solo and bent some high notes. WOW. it was right there in the zone. I completely fell in love and did not want to give the guitar back. I next went through all of my effects. I noticed that this guitar reacted a bit differently to my effects than the Warmoth “Tiger” that I normally play. The effects all sounded great and once I started getting used to it, the guitar felt very comfortable in my hands.

The neck is fast and easy to play. I was hearing and seeing things in my mind that I could not visualize when playing my Warmoth. I could hear new musical passages and couldn’t wait to spend the many hours playing it that I really feel I need to get comfortable enough to do those passages effortlessly.

The body is partially hollow. I was told that Irwin’s “Tiger” was built the same way. The wings are completely hollow while the “neck-through” area is solid. Irwin initially built Jerry’s guitar as a neck through, but then him and Tom realized something was wrong and made it a set neck guitar. They had to fix many mistakes and that is where the ornamental brass came into play. Tom’s “Tiger” is made the same way, but no brass was used except for the nut and the woods were more consistent.

Tom let me play the guitar for the whole show. There will be a recording coming up on archive soon. Feel free to ask me or Tom and questions and if you are in the market for a Jerry style guitar that plays and sounds amazing, this is the one!


For more information about the 50th anniversary guitars, contact Tom at

The Garcia Project will make you smile, smile, smile!

Here is an article recently published by UPSTATE LIVE magazine:

Local Upstate, N.Y. band – The Garcia Project has been on the move lately and wowing audiences from the East Coast to the West with their recreation of Jerry Garcia Band shows for the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The Garcia Project has come from playing little festivals in Upstate like The Strawberry Jam to Fiddlers Picnic and has gained a strong following in their home state. There’s just something about seeing this band live, you can’t help but close your eyes and kick off your shoes to spin barefoot in the grass wherever they are playing the sweet music of Jerry Garcia.

The band recently spent some time on the West Coast [home to the Grateful Dead] where they celebrated Jerry’s 72nd birthday at the Jerry Garcia Birthday Celebration in Santa Cruz, C.A. where they opened for and sat in with Los Angeles Grateful Dead legends, Cubensis. While in California the band was also invited to be VIP guests of the Jerry Day celebration in San Francisco – a huge honor to any GD family member.

This year’s Jerry Jam in Bath, N.H. was another milestone for the Garcia Project, not only were they the Friday night headliners but they had none other than JGB’s Melvin Seals sitting in on the keys for that event. The show can be heard on the Live Music Archive –

With such success this past summer the band will be looking forward into the Fall season with a main stage appearance at this year’s Wormtown Music Festival in Greenfield, M.A. Sept. 12-14, where they will be opening up for Dopapod and Max Creek. Making their way from the side stage to the main stage is an accomplishment bands strive for when first starting out and the Garcia Project has made the leap and audiences are welcoming them with open arms.

If you haven’t seen this band yet and you are a fan of JGB or the Grateful Dead, you must get out to see them – and run, don’t walk to their next appearance. You can catch them on Sept. 20 where they will be opening for New Riders of The Purple Sage at the Autumn Equinox Festivalat Page Farm in Croydon, N.H. They will return to the Capital District to play the Rustic Barn in Troy, N.Y. on Sept. 27 with special guests Knot Dead. The band will then head to Glens Falls on Oct. 24 for a special evening at the Wood Theater where they will recreate a classic JGB show for fans. This band is on the move and a must see for any Dead Head. For more show dates please visit the Garcia Project online.

UpstateLIVE’s Jim Gilbert recently had the opportunity to speak with Mik and Kat from the Garcia Project about why they were drawn to Jerry’s music and where they find their inspiration……….

Continue reading the article and a special interview with Kat and Mik here:

holographic jerry garcia to perform with the garcia project

holojerryWe are thrilled to announce that The Garcia Project will have a full time Jerry Garcia hologram performing with us this summer! This hologram will be programmed to “jam” and not just do static riffs and licks. Guitarist and Vocalist, Mik Bondy, of The Garcia Project will man the controls from the sound board instead of playing guitar and singing on stage.

“It’s kind of like operating a puppet” , said Mik Bondy. “We love the music of Jerry Garcia, so why not just have him play it!”. “We have the 90’s jerry programmed now and in the future, we hope to have 70’s and 80’s Jerrys programmed as well”.

The State Journal reviews The Garcia Project from the 4-20-13 show in Oneonta, NY

We were happy to be featured in the STATE TIMES student newspaper in Oneonta, NY: 

“The Garcia Project Breathes Life into Jerry Garcia’s Tunes…The vocalist on Saturday did a spot on job and transported the Theatre’s crowd to a dusky night in the 1970s.” – Alex Fredkin, Arts Editor – The State Times

Link to the article here:


The Garcia Project Returns Home to Saratoga Springs on November 30

The Garcia Project, based out of Saratoga Springs, is returning home after performing their shows all over the Northern East Coast. We will be performing at The Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs on November 30th. Tickets are available for $10 pre-order, $15 at the door and $20 for under 21. Ticket link [ here ].

Recently, The Garcia Project has been performing recreations of actual Jerry Garcia Band set lists from the long lists of classic shows. On 11-9-13, The Garcia Project recreated the Jerry Band’s famous show from Hampton, VA on 11-9-91. The recreated a beautiful show from 11-16-77 at Mexicali Live on 11-16-13. This particular 1977 show was one that no recordings have been found for. The Garcia Projects recording of this show is available for free for fans { here }.

On Saturday, November 30, 2013, The Garcia Project will again create another classic Jerry Garcia Band show from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. Which one will it be? Come and find out! RSVP on Facebook [ here ].

This event is now also a Strangers Helping Strangers food drive event too. So, please bring a non-perishable food, toiletry, feminine or personal hygiene, or baby product donation for those in need in this community.