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November 2020

Produced by Maria Muldaur. Maria was an official member of The Jerry Garcia Band in 1978. She toured and performed with Jerry on the famous “Cats Under The Stars” tour and was on the Cats Under The Stars album as well. Maria has a great love for the music played by Jerry Garcia and for inspirational and spiritual music as well. Maria has produced a gospel album, “Walk by Faith – The gospel according to Maria Muldaur” along with many other grammy-nominated albums.

The artists on the SPIRIT album include:
Mik Bondy (The Garcia Project, Acoustically Speaking)
Buzz Buchanan (Jerry Garcia Band, Juice Newton)
Dan Crea (The Garcia Project)
Jason Crosby (Phil & Friends, Moonalice, Doobie Decibel System)
Jacob Jolliff (Yonder Mountain String Band)
Gary Kaye (Mill Valley Musician)
Jacklyn LaBranch (Jerry Garcia Band)
Maria Muldaur (Jerry Garcia Band)
Tommy Nagy (The Garcia Project)
Peter Rowan (Old and In The Way)
Rick Turner (Co-Founder of Alembic, Wall of Sound, Model 1 guitar)
Kat Walkerson (The Garcia Project, Acoustically Speaking)

Spirit: a loving tribute to Jerry Garcia and the spiritual songs he performed

Five Stars

“Bondy on guitar and vocals, who founded The Garcia Project, is the anchor of the album, providing, along with his bandmates and Muldaur, a sense of continuity from track to track. Crosby is key as well, with piano and organ being calling cards of gospel music. The slinky “Who Was John” (dedicated to late JGB bassist John Kahn) benefits from Crosby’s subtle Hammond work, while the bluegrass ballad “Drifting Too Far From The Shore” showcases his stately grand piano, as well as Jolliff’s mandolin and right-as-rain harmony vocals by Muldaur and Walkerson.” – Michael Lello of Highway 81 Revisited.

Produced by Maria Muldaur and The Garcia Project featuring some of Jerry Garcia’s bandmates including Maria Muldaur, Peter Rowan, Jacklyn LaBranch, and Buzz Buchanan.

“Jerry Garcia would no doubt be moved to hear their collective efforts on …The Spiritual Songs He Performed, so much so he’d probably want to participate himself?!” — Glide Magazine, May, 2020

“What makes these versions so stirring–and a listener certainly doesn’t need to be a believer to appreciate their message–is the conviction these musicians and singers put into their covers…Jerry would have dug it.” – Jeff Tamarkin, Relix Magazine, August 2020

This album could not have been made without the help of our family, friends and fans. We would like to thank all of our IndieGoGo supporters for the the first round of funding and an extra special thanks to Mike and Cheryl Coppa, Andy Logan, PHILLY, Rick Turner and Leo Elliott.

Kat Walkerson, Maria Muldaur, Peter Rowan, Mik Bondy

Peter Rowan and Mik's Tiger Guitar

Maria Muldaur, Jacklyn LaBranch and Kat Walkerson

  1. Love it thank you Maria

  2. Hi, do you guys ever get to the northeast? I’m a local promoter at Jersey Shore where there’s a huge following of course.


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