Doug Collette of Glide Magazine reviews SPIRIT

Jerry Garcia would no doubt be moved to hear their collective efforts on …The Spiritual Songs He Performed, so much so he’d probably want to participate himself?!

Glide Magazine – 5-1-20

Relix July/August 2020 Magazine features review of our Spirit Album!

We are honored and pleased that Relix recently reviewed our Spirit Album.

Relix magazine has long been a fixture and resource in our community of deadheads. We are thrilled that they did such a glowing review of our new Spirit Album! Check it out in the new issue of RELIX –

Here is an excerpt from the review:

“What makes these versions so stirring–and a listener certainly doesn’t need to be a believer to appreciate their message–is the conviction these musicians and singers put into their covers…Jerry would have dug it.” – Jeff Tamarkin, Relix Magazine

Purchase the SPIRIT album now here:

Listen now to an Interview with Maria Muldaur on The Dead Zone On WRHU – Jerry 2020 August Celebration Vol 2: 25th Anniversary of Jerry’s passing

This Dead Zone, which first aired on Sunday, August 9, 2020 (6-8pm EST) on 88.7FM/WRHU.ORG, Radio Hofstra University, is volume 2 of our August 2020 monthlong commemoration, celebration, and recollection of Jerry Garcia, who passed away exactly 25 years ago on the day of this broadcast. Fortunately, the Dead Zone was able to celebrate the anniversary of Jerry’s passing with Maria Maldaur, who, along with Donna Jean Godchaux, sang memorable back-up vocal harmonies in support of Jerry and the Jerry Garcia Band. This August 9, 2020 Dead Zone features an extended, two-part interview with Maria, who recounts her time with JGB, as well as her singing and production work on the recently released album ‘Spirit’ by The Garcia Project, which recreates the memorable gospel music that Jerry and JGB performed.
Set List:
Jerry Garcia: “To Lay Me Down” (‘Garcia’ studio album)
JGB: “Cats Under the Stars” (‘Cats Under the Stars’ studio album)
JGB: “Palm Sunday” (‘Cats Under the Stars’ studio album)
Professor Iguana: Intro Mic Break
The Garcia Project: “Cold Jordan” (‘Spirit’ studio album)
The Garcia Project: “Magnificent Sanctuary Band” (‘Spirit’ studio album)
The Garcia Project: “Who Was John” (‘Spirit’ studio album)
Professor Iguana: Opening Mic Break
Professor Iguana: Maria Muldaur Interview (part 1)
JGB: “Mission In the Rain” (3/18/78, Warner Music Theater Hall, Washington, D.C.)
The Garcia Project: “Drifting Too Far From Shore” (‘Spirit’ studio album)
Professor Iguana: Mic Break
Professor Iguana: Maria Muldaur interview (part 2)
Professor Iguana: Mic Break
JGB: “Gomorrah” (3/18/78, Warner Music Theater Hall, Washington, D.C.)
The Garcia Project: “I’ll Be With Thee” (‘Spirit’ studio album)
Professor Iguana: Concluding Mic Break
JGB: “Palm Sunday” (3/18/78, Warner Music Theater Hall, Washington, D.C.)
JGB: “My Sisters and My Brothers” (7/23/77, Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA)

Eduardo Duarte · The Dead Zone On WRHU – Jerry 2020 August Celebration Vol 2: 25th Anniversary of Jerry’s passing

”Spirit” album review from Highway 81 Revisited

We are pleased to present this glowing review of our new album by Michael Lello of Highway 81 Revisited. 

Michael founded Highway 81 Revisited in Northeastern Pennsylvania in 2011 before moving himself, and the blog, to New York City, in 2014. He’s been a professional journalist for nearly 20 years. His favorite interviews include Robert Hunter, Ghost, Stephen Malkmus, Trey Anastasio, Pete Townshend and all of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead. 

We are honored and grateful to recieve this wonderful review of our album. 

Special heartfelt thanks to Dennis McNally for his kindness and help with getting the word out about Spirit. And of course a giant thank you to our Producer Maria Muldaur whose incredible talent, knowledge and vision helped shape “Spirit – a loving tribute to Jerry Garcia and the spiritual songs he performed.”

Please enjoy!



“Bondy on guitar and vocals, who founded The Garcia Project, is the anchor of the album, providing, along with his bandmates and Muldaur, a sense of continuity from track to track. Crosby is key as well, with piano and organ being calling cards of gospel music. The slinky “Who Was John” (dedicated to late JGB bassist John Kahn) benefits from Crosby’s subtle Hammond work, while the bluegrass ballad “Drifting Too Far From The Shore” showcases his stately grand piano, as well as Jolliff’s mandolin and right-as-rain harmony vocals by Muldaur and Walkerson.”

Buy our new spirit album right here:

Listen to an interview with Maria Muldaur, Peter Rowan and Jason Crosby, on Morning Dew radio show!

Here is a wonderful interview with Maria MuldaurPeter Rowan and Jason Crosby about our SPIRIT Album from and interview on Morning Dew Radio and Airs on Saturday, June 27th on 89.1 FM, WFDU — Listen to the whole interview here:

Marc Green from WUSB Stonybrook chats with Mik & Kat about live shows and more!

Listen here:

Chris Cowles of WRTC FM Interview Mik Bondy, Kat Walkerson and Maria Muldaur about the Spirit Album

Jerry Garcia’s Spiritual Side


No matter if he was playing solo acoustic or with line-ups as diverse as the Grateful Dead, Old & In The Way, Legion of Mary or his long-running Jerry Garcia Band, many times there were old timey spirituals in the sets Jerry Garcia performed.

The May 2 edition of Greasy Tracks celebrated that oft-overlooked spiritual side of Garcia by featuring interviews with members of  The Garcia Project as well as their recent release, Spirit: A Loving Tribute To Jerry Garcia And The Spiritual Songs He Performed.

Guitarist Mik Bondy and vocalist Kat Walkerson of The Garcia Project provided insight on the recording of the 12-track album. There was an interview with Maria Muldaur who produced the project and contributed harmony vocals on most tracks and lead vocals on a version of Charles Johnson’s “Sisters And Brothers.” This was a familiar track for Muldaur who included it on her 1978 release Southern Winds. She toured and recorded with Garcia during the 1970s.

A number of individuals who played with Garcia were involved in the sessions, including drummer Buzz Buchanan and vocalist Jacklyn LaBranch.

In addition to tracks from Spirit, there were live 1970s nuggets from the Jerry Garcia Band.

Corey Daniels [Dead Air, Official Tapes] interviews Maria Muldaur, Kat Walkerson and Mik Bondy about new Spirit Album

A new album produced by Maria Muldaur and The Garcia Project — a collection of spiritual songs that Jerry Garcia had performed throughout his life. Jerry Garcia performed many inspirational, spiritual and gospel songs over the course of his life. This album is a loving tribute to those songs and to Jerry Garcia’s beautiful spirit. The album will feature The Garcia Project’s (nationally touring tribute to classic Jerry Garcia Band) Mik Bondy and Kat Walkerson along with Maria Muldaur, The Garcia Project and other very special guests! Maria Muldaur will produce and direct the album.


Jerry Garcia Birthday Show

Jerry Garcia Birthday Show

The Garcia Project will kick off their 3rd annual DAYS BETWEEN tour with a special Jerry Garcia Birthday show at Garcia’s at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY on August 1, 2019.

The Garcia Project pride themselves on their recreations of Jerry Garcia Band sets from 1976-1995.

And this celebratory Jerry Garcia birthday show – which falls on what would have been Garcia’s 77th birthday – will also include a StraxArt gallery of the guitarist’s artwork, with a special “Augmented Reality” feature.

There will be official prints for sale, and several works on display that “never before seen by the public.”

“In sharing his artwork, I get to share what his mind was like off of the stage; the kind of things he’d like to do to keep his hands busy,” Trixie Garcia, said of her father’s artwork. “I feel like artwork kept his mind challenged and stimulated.”

Tickets for A Jerry Garcia Birthday Celebration are available here.

Jerry Garcia Birthday Show

The Garcia Project

The only nationally touring tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band that performs full, classic set lists from 1976-1995

The Garcia Project’s performances are based on actual set lists performed by The Jerry Garcia Band. All of their shows are classic recreations of a Jerry Garcia Band set list from the 1976 to 1995. For anyone that never had a chance to experience the Jerry Garcia Band or for fans that want to relive a classic show, The Garcia Project delivers.

The Garcia Project has received rave reviews from the press and from fans. Touring nationally, The Garcia Project has made many Jerry Garcia fans extremely happy. 

With precise arrangements and the proper instrumentation and feel for any and all given eras, The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and the fans through many years of musical bliss.


“I spent a lot of nights in a lot of places with the Jerry Garcia Band, and I’m here to say that I really enjoy what The Garcia Project does with those memories.  Mik’s guitar and his and Kat’s vocals stir up some very sweet vibes…some times they almost make me feel like I’m back in, say, 1992 at the Warfield. Check ‘em out.” 

— Dennis McNally, former publicist for the Jerry Garcia Band

“For those of us who crave late 70’s (and through the 80’s and 90’s) Jerry Garcia Band, The Garcia Project scratches that itch for hearing live renditions of Jerry Garcia Band shows from that period.”

— Bob Minkin, legendary Grateful Dead and Jerry Band rock photographer

“I first met Jerry Garcia in 1974 when he asked me to sing harmony with him on his second solo album and started recording and sitting in with The Jerry Garcia Band whenever possible. I became an official member of The Garcia Band in 1977 through 1979 recording, gigging and touring with them, and have many fond memories of that unique experience! Recently, I was asked to sit in with a wonderful band called The Garcia Project, who lovingly and reverently recreate different specific sets of the Garcia Band in their hayday.

They don’t merely recreate Jerry’s music, as far as I’m concerned, they are channeling it. Performing with them, I am moved and touched by how much the music moves the audience into a state of joyous community and rapture. The Garcia Project brings us all back to that special time and I’m excited and blessed to participate in giving new and old audiences alike, the chance to relive the Spirit & Magic of the Jerry Garcia Band.”

— Maria Muldaur

“If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you are at a Jerry Garcia Band show.” 

– ecoLocal Magazine, Albany, NY

“…it was hard to tell that it wasn’t Jerry signing on “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down….The Garcia Project’s attention to detail on intonation and performance structure does set them apart as an authority on Jerry Garcia.” 

– NYS Music

“In order for a tribute band to be successful, fans need to look at them as the authority on the artist they are emulating. The Garcia Project pulls it off effortlessly. Go see them live …The Garcia Project is the whole package.”

– Jim Gilbert, Upstate Live

“The Garcia Project was on point with the whole experience and it didn’t seem like a cover band more like a mirrored band…they are just as real as the Jerry Garcia Band. “

– Buffalo FM Review

The Garcia Project on Tour in 2019

Here is a concise list of shows and ticket links for y’all!

March West Coast 2019 Tour:
3/14/19 HopMonk Tavern, Sebastopol, CA – 1977-78 show With Maria Muldaur
3/15/19 Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA – 1977-78 show With Maria Muldaur
3/16/19 Club Fox, Redwood City, CA
3/17/19 Miners Foundry, Nevada City, CA with support by Achilles Wheel Trio
3/21/19 The Good Foot, Portland, OR
3/22/19 W.O.W. Hall, Eugene, OR with The Psychedelic Express Light Show
3/23/19 Williams Grange Hall, Williams, OR with The Psychedelic Express Light Show
3/24/19 Williams Grange Hall, Williams, OR with The Psychedelic Express Light Show

April East Coast 2019 Tour:
4/13/19 Cohoes Music Hall, Cohoes, NY
4/19/19 Stone Church, Brattleboro, VT
4/20/19 Wall Street Theater, Norwalk, CT
4/24/19 Brooklyn Bowl, NYC
4/27/19 Tilden Arts Center, New Bedford, MA

May Mid-West 2019 Tour:
5/4/19 Levon’s Barn, Woodstock, NY – With Maria Muldaur
5/18/19 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH


A Visit with Leo Elliott, Owner of Scarlet Fire Guitars and Builder of Mik Bondy’s Tiger Guitar

Mik Bondy and Dan Crea got a chance to visit with Leo Elliott at his Scarlet Fire Guitars workshop in Dallas Texas. Leo is the builder of Mik Bondy’s #007 Tiger Guitar that he plays exclusively with The Garcia Project. You can read about and see pictures of Mik’s Tiger guitar build here.

Here is a short interview with Leo, and some photos of our tour of the shop below:

Get a hold of Leo and you can order a guitar for yourself! WEBSITE:  Scarlet Fire Guitars

The Garcia Project is heading out on a full USA tour From September through October 2018!

The Garcia Project is heading out throughout the USA to celebrate the Jerry Garcia Band experience! Tickets will be on sale soon and MORE DATES will be added as well. Please help spread the word to any friends that are in any of the stops we are hitting! If you want us to perform in a particular town or city, please let us know! AND, Thank you – Your kind support and requests to play in your city has inspired us to journey out on this cross-country trip.

9/13 Brattleboro, VT
9/14 Fall River, MA
9/15 Rochester, NH
9/20 Rochester, NY
9/21 Cleveland, OH
9/22 Covington, KY
9/23 St. Louis, MO
9/26 Denver, CO
9/27 Fort Collins, CO
9/29 Salt Lake City, UT
9/30 Boise, ID
10/3 Seattle, WA
10/4 Portland, OR
10/5 Euguene, OR
10/6 Private Party
10/7 Redwood City, CA
10/10 Phoenix, AZ
10/13 Dallas, TX
10/17 Birmingham, AL
10/18 Nashville, TN
10/19 Asheville, NC
10/20 Rocky Mount, VA
10/25 Wilkesbarre, PA
10/26 Cohoes, NY
11/23 Norwalk, CT

Tickets available here: