Live Jerry Garcia band set lists with The Garcia Project at The Strand, Hudson Falls, NY on August 11, 2024

Sunday -
7:30 PM
The Strand Theater
Hudson Falls, NY

In the landscape of tribute bands honoring Jerry Garcia and his iconic music, The Garcia Project stands apart as a beacon of authenticity and dedication. While many pay homage to Garcia's legacy, none quite encapsulate the true essence of the Jerry Garcia Band like The Garcia Project.

What sets The Garcia Project apart is their unwavering commitment to recreating not just the songs, but the entire concert experience of the Jerry Garcia Band. They meticulously study and replicate the setlists, tempos, and arrangements, utilizing replica guitars and gear to ensure every detail is faithful to Garcia's original performances.

Beyond technical precision, The Garcia Project embodies the soulful spirit and improvisational magic that characterized Jerry Garcia's live shows. From heartfelt ballads to exhilarating jams, they transport audiences to the intimate venues and communal vibes that defined Garcia's solo work.

In a world where tribute bands abound, The Garcia Project shines as a rare gem, offering fans an authentic journey through Garcia's musical universe. Their dedication to preserving the Jerry Garcia Band's legacy ensures that each performance is not just a concert, but a profound celebration of Garcia's enduring influence and musical brilliance.