A Visit with Leo Elliott, Owner of Scarlet Fire Guitars and Builder of Mik Bondy’s Tiger Guitar

Mik Bondy and Dan Crea got a chance to visit with Leo Elliott at his Scarlet Fire Guitars workshop in Dallas Texas. Leo is the builder of Mik Bondy’s #007 Tiger Guitar that he plays exclusively with The Garcia Project. You can read about and see pictures of Mik’s Tiger guitar build here.

Here is a short interview with Leo, and some photos of our tour of the shop below:

Get a hold of Leo and you can order a guitar for yourself! WEBSITE:  Scarlet Fire Guitars


  1. Love the pictures and video. I am hoping that some of those pictures are of #008, mine! Thanks

  2. Saw you 10-13-18 and 6-20-19 at the Granada theater in Dallas Tx. Anxiously awaiting your return. Keep checking tour dates but haven’t seen anything yet. Please let me know when you pass this way again!
    Your friend,

    • Thanks! 🙂 we would love to come back to Dallas…lots of great folks there.


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