The Garcia Project – Live at Stadium Theater, Woonsocket, RI on April 27, 2018

Looking for live Grateful Dead music in RI this weekend? Come check out the Nation’s top touring tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band. The Garcia project plays Jerry Garcia Band concerts in their entirety.

The nations only touring tribute to The Grateful Dead's frontman Jerry Garcia's band, The Garcia Project captures the spirit of the music.

The nations only touring tribute to The Grateful Dead’s frontman Jerry Garcia’s band, The Garcia Project captures the spirit of the music.

The band recreates classic JGB set lists from 1976-1995. Founded by long time Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band fans who have a special love, understanding, and dedication to the music, and the delivery of that music. The Garcia Project pays special attention to the arrangements and feel of the specific eras, including the instrumentation and vocal stylings. While not a note for note recreation, the spirit of the original always shines through, while creating with the audience a new live music experience, founded in the same spirit.

Come check them out at one of their only East Coast performances. This Friday at 8:00 p.m. at The Stadium Theater in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.


Acoustically Speaking (Kat & Mik from The Garcia Project) open the show with a set of soulful Grateful Dead.

“I spent a lot of nights in a lot of places with the Jerry Garcia Band, and I’m here to say that I really enjoy what The Garcia Project does with those memories.  Mik’s guitar and his and Kat’s vocals stir up some very sweet vibes…some times they almost make me feel like I’m back in, say, 1992 at the Warfield.  Check ‘em out.”  — Dennis McNally, former publicist for the Jerry Garcia Band

“For those of us who crave late 70’s (and through the 80’s and 90’s) Jerry Garcia Band, The Garcia Project scratches that itch for hearing live renditions of Jerry Garcia Band shows from that period.” — Bob Minkin, legendary Grateful Dead and Jerry Band rock photographer

“If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you are at a Jerry Garcia Band show.”  – ecoLocal Magazine, Albany, NY

“…it was hard to tell that it wasn’t Jerry signing on “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down….The Garcia Project’s attention to detail on intonation and performance structure does set them apart as an authority on Jerry Garcia.”  – NYS Music

“In order for a tribute band to be successful, fans need to look at them as the authority on the artist they are emulating. The Garcia Project pulls it off effortlessly. Go see them live …The Garcia Project is the whole package.” – Jim Gilbert, Upstate Live

“The Garcia Project was on point with the whole experience and it didn’t seem like a cover band more like a mirrored band…they are just as real as the Jerry Garcia Band. “– Buffalo FM Review

“”Deadicated“ to carrying on the music and vibe of Jerry that so many still carry in their hearts.” – Albany Times Union

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