”Spirit” album review from Highway 81 Revisited

We are pleased to present this glowing review of our new album by Michael Lello of Highway 81 Revisited. 

Michael founded Highway 81 Revisited in Northeastern Pennsylvania in 2011 before moving himself, and the blog, to New York City, in 2014. He’s been a professional journalist for nearly 20 years. His favorite interviews include Robert Hunter, Ghost, Stephen Malkmus, Trey Anastasio, Pete Townshend and all of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead. 

We are honored and grateful to recieve this wonderful review of our album. 

Special heartfelt thanks to Dennis McNally for his kindness and help with getting the word out about Spirit. And of course a giant thank you to our Producer Maria Muldaur whose incredible talent, knowledge and vision helped shape “Spirit – a loving tribute to Jerry Garcia and the spiritual songs he performed.”

Please enjoy!

LINK: http://highway81revisited.com/garcia-project-spirit-album-review/


“Bondy on guitar and vocals, who founded The Garcia Project, is the anchor of the album, providing, along with his bandmates and Muldaur, a sense of continuity from track to track. Crosby is key as well, with piano and organ being calling cards of gospel music. The slinky “Who Was John” (dedicated to late JGB bassist John Kahn) benefits from Crosby’s subtle Hammond work, while the bluegrass ballad “Drifting Too Far From The Shore” showcases his stately grand piano, as well as Jolliff’s mandolin and right-as-rain harmony vocals by Muldaur and Walkerson.”

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